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Boxers originated in Germany in the 19th century. George Alt is reputed as the father of the breed since it was he who brought a Bullenbeiser female. He had brought the Boxer from France to Germany. He bred the dog emphasizing stable personality and strength. Each litter seemed to be an improved version of the dog. Breeders tried to avoid white puppies. Such dogs were discarded for the fear of deafness. This condition is traditionally linked to the coat color of the dog. In fact, puppies with white coat color were rather common due to the breed’s close ties to the English Bulldog.

The first standard for the Boxer appeared in 1902. The modern Boxer standard is a replica of the first one with some minor specifications. The Boxer made it way to the United States in 1903. The Stuttgarter Kennels was the first to recognize the potential of the breed and imported the dog to America. The AKC recognized Boxers in 1904.

Bit by bit, a Boxer type was established. Breeders had more or less a vivid picture of what the breed should look like and what qualities should be stressed during breedings. It was time to develop the official breed standard for the new breed. Breed fanciers formed a club in 1896. The German Boxer Club started to promote the breed and did it rather successfully. It is worthwhile saying; the Boxer thrived thanks to their efforts and its temperament qualities. The breed was popularized rapidly, especially after the standard had been developed.